Here are a few reasons why we only accept and resell products of certain brands:

  1. Authenticity 
Working with fashion brands to enable resale helps us ensure authenticity of the products. These are verified purchases being resold. When we accept resale without the brand program we still conduct this resale for select brands ensuring ease of authentication process and hence brand focused resale. 
  1. Aspirational brands are easier to re-sell

Buying pre-loved is a great chance for people to get their hands on brands      they’ve been aspiring to buy. Most people sitting on price fence of a brand get a chance to get their hands on their favorite preloved items for heavily slashed prices. Items from aspirational brands tend to sell out faster and work well with the Relove program. A lot of consumers reach out with non-branded products. Non-branded or self tailored items do not command the same demand from consumers sadly.

  1. Quality of product 

For products to have a good resale value, they need to be of good quality. Branded products tend to adhere to certain standards of the brand and are easier to qc based on those standards. 

  1. Standardization of sizing
Sizing is always an issue while buying preloved. Since the preloved garments available are size specific, we are always on the lookout for brands that have standard sizing policies so our buyers don’t face size related problems. 
    1. Size and age of the brand
    The older and bigger in size the brand is, there are more chances of having a big pool of pre-existing customers who would like the option of reselling their garments. This largely affects the success of the resale program for a brand since there can be no resale without a large pre-existing pool garments out there in the wild.
    1. Strong and Steady - Baby Steps
    All this being said, if your favorite brand is not on the list, do send us a DM and we will reach out to them or may launch a resale event for that brand. We are taking small and steady steps to build circularity in Indian Fashion.
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